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Dave tells a great story!  He’s an entertaining entrepreneur, a passionate digital marketing expert, and a champion of business – a terrific speaker with a great tale to tell.

David Koch (“Kochie”)

Media Personality, Channel 7

Dave Chaffey entrepreneur, keynote speaker, digital expert

We could throw a whole lot of buzz words at you about Dave Chaffey, and all of them would be true. But instead we’ll just give you two really important ones: Passionately practical. He keeps it real. Down-to-earth. According to the dictionary, “passionately practical” means having intense emotion about proven effectiveness. This is Dave’s catch cry, his work ethic, and business acumen.

In business, you need to find the answers to big questions. Especially if you want to grow an empire. Dave Chaffey’s jargon-free, humorous talks give you clear and practical digital solutions. Whether you’re after a keynote speaker for a business summit or an informal after-dinner chat, Dave will shed light on developing and innovative IT trends, strategies for digital marketing, and how to grow your business.


Dave Chaffey: A Digital Marketing Expert with an eye on the prize.

The Futurist

“The big opportunities are simply not that far away” – that’s what you’ll hear at one of Dave’s Future Series talks.  Understand the new consumer, the psychology consumer behaviour, and the technology that will bring them together – without any jargon.

The Entrepreneur

What he’s truly renowned for is his ability to identify strategic opportunities, to capture the real essence of complex market situations, and then to articulate a strategy with clarity and purpose. His Strategic Advantage lectures are described as life-changing.

The Strategist

For the real nuts-and-bolts quick wins, Dave shares his treasure chest of tactics, techniques, savvy plays – leaving business owners madly scrambling to get it all down. Pearls of wisdom that draw on twenty years experience and bleeding edge knowledge.

Dave Chaffey also helps Build your business with Kochie's Business Builders. Visit KBB Digital for more information.